Lost Kingdom

By: Mariana Golphin

King, how did you let your castle fall?
Queen without a castle looking beautiful in a crown thats made of thorns.
Blinded by the blood, I guess you didn’t see when your king started to fall?
Not only did you let him fall, but when he was down you took back your rib.
Leaving him without the balance he needs to stand and rule again.
When we are doing bad
they sing monkey see, monkey do.
But when we are on the come up, they say what the hell is wrong with you?

Published by Mariana Allsop

I am the rose that grew from concrete. Amongst the weeds, I survived against all odds.

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  1. I see this as how did he get his crown did the queen provide it has the queen been the one maintaining the monarchy and the kind just a figurehead nowadays I think that’s how it is


    1. This poem looks at the dynamics of a relationship. The castle represents the home. Some believe that it is a mans job to secure his “castle”from threats and maintain the upkeep of the queen. While the queen wears a crown and lives in the kings shadow. The Queen’s also has a responsibility to balance the king and help to keep the castle ( foundation for the home) secure.


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